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AIX Investment Group's Ongoing Support for Fursan Hispania FC

Fursan Hispania Champions

In January 2021, AIX Investment Group embarked on an inspiring journey as the Platinum Sponsor of Fursan Hispania FC, an elite football academy envisioned by Michel Salgado, the legendary Real Madrid footballer. This partnership signifies our dedication to reshaping the future of football in the UAE and aligns with our corporate social responsibility efforts.

Committed to nurturing the UAE’s football community, we provide support to cultivate young talents and skills in an optimal environment. Our collaboration with Fursan Hispania FC is more than just sponsorship; it’s a concerted effort to create opportunities that help aspiring players realize their potential.

Fursan Hispania

Our ongoing partnership with Fursan Hispania FC is a testament to our belief in the power of sport to transform lives.

By investing in the potential of young players, we are not only contributing to the growth of sports in the UAE but also empowering the next generation to chase their dreams and achieve greatness.

Fursan Hispania
Fursan Hispania

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